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Failure comes only when we forget our ideals and objectives and principles.



To promote, encourage and develop football sport at the club level

Planning & Activities

To plan and carry out activities related to the sport of football among the members

Going National

To join the representative body at the regional, state and national level

The Best Players

To select athletes to represent the club in any football competition

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MNY Football Club (MNYFC) was established on 30th September 2017 and acquired registration by the Malaysian Sports Commissioner on 12th February 2018. The objectives of this club are to establish a new type of football management financial aid module, and to ensure the stability and sustainability of the football club. Other than that, this club intends to develop youngsters to have their goal in life and not for sports only but of his life as a whole and it will be social responsibilities to give back to public of earned success. Hence, this will help direct and indirectly Malaysia human capital development and to ensure the youngsters do not engage with any illegal doings with their life.

MNYFC business concept is based on financial data collection and will be monetize along its operation line with the capabilities of its business knowledge and its networking with financial institutions and market maker. With the networking and knowledge in financial aspect, MNYFC believes it can be a successful business concept which is a new norm in football management in Malaysia.

Club Functions

  • Act as a body that operates, promotes and manages football at the club level.
  • Create and raise awareness on the importance of football sports rules and regulations among members.

  • Conduct courses and training among members.

  • Organize or assist in organizing and hosting competitions for football at the club level.

  • Resolve internal issues and conflicts involving members.

  • Maintain good relations with governing bodies and other sports associations or agencies.

  • Ensure that the selection procedure to represent the club to the competition participated is open and fair.

  • Ensure that every program and activity must be according to the constitution.

  • Ensure that the club’s constitution and rules are followed and followed by all members.

  • Ensure that audited activity reports and financial accounts for the previous financial year are prepared.

  • Ensure that charitable or business activities carried out do not conflict with national law.

  • Ensure that all profits earned by the club will be used only to enhance, develop and carry out the objectives and goals of this club.